• I am Layla Shaikley

  • I co-founded Wise Systems.

    We raised our series a, led by google's AI fund Gradient ventures. 

  • I studied architecture at Cal Poly and MIT

  • In school, I focused on post-conflict design and development

    This is the Baghdad War Archive

  • The Baghdad War Archive

    The design begins with a bunker that expands that elevates into an eruption. The gold facade, meant to represent Iraq’s rich history, sifts light to appear as shrapnel. The visitors themselves are the artifacts of the above ground archive as a united front of survivors. Below ground, the archive adheres to curatorial requirements.
  • Here is another sample of my architectural design work

    A pre-cast train station designed from 3 modular pieces

  • I also love to paint

    I did this in oils
  • And I love photography

    I snapped this photo in my Mom's Kurdish village, Mandili
  • Before MIT, I spent some time at NASA

    Meet my NASA D-RATS rover! I built half of him

  • At MIT, I developed strategies for social housing

    Including work on Brazilian government housing policies in the Amazon. I co-wrote a paper on this work. I did similar work with UN-HABITAT.
  • I am on the advisory board for the secret life of muslims

    where we have over 30m views of our series!

  • I co-founded TEDxBaghdad

    Here's a National Stamp in our honor!
  • Because you can bomb a nation, but you can't bomb a dream.

    Rallying some of my siblings to the cause

  • You may recognize me from that #mipsterz video

    I co-produced the video that shattered stereotypes and advanced the national conversation on Muslims in America.

  • #mipsterz

    For your viewing pleasure!

  • The overarching themes of my life are creativity and impact

  • Keep dreaming

    Because right now is a little moment in your big story

  • Contact me

    Find me on Twitter, FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn